Moving In

Mom, Kate and I headed down the road yesterday morning towards Boulder but before we were out of town Dad called us and said, “If you turn around now I’ll go with you”. So we turned around, waited 10 minutes for him to pack and hit the road for a second time. 6 1/2 hours later we pulled up to the apartment.

A few more tiring trips carrying boxes and firewood up to the apartment Saturday evening Alise and I were finally all moved in. It’s looking very homey in here now.



We have leftover sloppy joes in our fridge that Mom left us but Alise and I decided using leftovers wouldn’t be a very imaginative first meal so after going through a few ideas and wandering around our kitchen wondering what we could make with the ingredients we have we finally decided on taco soup and blueberry muffins. She was in charge of the soup and I baked the muffins.

The muffins were going well until I remembered we don’t have any baking powder. I wasn’t too worried though because I knew we could substitute baking soda and cream of tartar . . . but then I realized we don’t have any cream of tartar. Then the eggs — we don’t have any of them either. We have cans of powdered eggs so I mustered up some courage to try eggs from a great big can. We were pleasantly surprised by the muffins even though they were greenish-purple (I can’t mix blueberry muffins without them discoloring for the life of me!).

I am doing well now but Alise and I both had tears streaming down our faces as the last of our family drove away. As we stood at the end of our sidewalk waving goodbye Dad rolled down the window and told me to run up to the apartment real quick, grab my camera and bring it back so he could take a picture of us crying in-front of the apartment. I said “no”. So no, you don’t get to see the tears. As we got up to our front door we felt sprinkles from the clouds so the weather matched our spirits.

I’m not sure how I want to end this . . .


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