This Side of Paradise (there’s a little bookstore)

I passed by Book Cellar 2, a second-hand bookstore that advertised antique and rare books. I knew I had to check it out. Each of the other used-bookstores I had looked through in Boulder were hot, smelled bad and had book sections for gays, lesbians, eastern religions and other strange things. I wanted to find just one store that was comfortable and where I wouldn’t feel guilty about spending my money. This store was well lit, well laid out, had friendly employees working, and instead of gay and Hindu sections this one had a little section in the back labeled “Christian”. I was pleased.

They have the most adorable children’s book section chock full of new and old stories. Being there made me want to be seven once again so I could get an armful of books to take home and read all night long by flash-light under my sheets. I searched for the book Cluny Brown but sadly they didn’t have it, I will have to keep hunting.

As I looked through old hardcover and leather editions of British and American classics booming thunder rolled in the sky over the little bookstore. I thought about leaving as the impending rain would soon be down on the town but I hadn’t decided on a book to get yet and I was sure I didn’t want to leave without one so I stayed a few minutes longer. I finally settled on a copy of Anne of Ingleside by L. M. Montgomery and This Side of Paradise by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Both are blue, hardcover books that smell antique without being completely gross, because frankly, a lot are.

Even though I already have three part-time jobs about finalized I left my name, phone number and resume with the bookstore since I would be in Louisville Monday afternoons and could work in the store in the evenings after my other job or come in to work on Saturdays. I’ve always dreamt of working in a little bookstore like this – something like The Shop around the Corner (it’s on my bucket list). Am I crazy to work four jobs? Maybe but it would be fun. I’m excited about each of these opportunities.


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