A Wind in the Door

This evening I finished reading A Wind in the Door, the second in the Wrinkle in Time series by Madeleine L’Engle. As I was telling a friend, it engaged me so well I actually had to catch myself from asking one of the characters a question—out loud.

I like these stories set in other worlds (or space); they make me wish we could really have such adventures by climbing through wardrobes or meeting cherubim late at night under the stars. I also wish kything (communicating without using spoken words) were possible, sometimes it almost feels like it is but I know I’m adding wild imagination to my basic intuition.

The whole book was enjoyable but the last three chapters or so were the most engrossing. Meg almost died at least three times so that really kept my emotions tightly strung. Normally I pass the near death experience of the main character off when there is a whole series of books and I’m not on the last one but somehow I could believe she might die. L’Engle is a good writer; she is able to hold suspense even with a series’ heroine.

My favorite section of the story was the choice Sporos had to make about whether to deepen, as Farandolae are created to do, or remain young, and free (or so the evil Echthroi lie). This segment reminded me of the choice Adam and Eve made in the Garden of Eden. Good and evil are each trying to pull him their way; good by using reasonable truth, evil by smothering his ears and filling his mind with lies.

“It is only when we are fully rooted that we are really able to move. . . Now that I am rooted I am no longer limited by motion. Now I may move anywhere in the universe. I sing with the stars. I dance with the galaxies. I share in the joy–and in the grief.”

This “deepening” could be thought of as the choice to accept Christ but it could also be thought of as the choice to dig deeper in Christ or not. Either correlation works well.

I will quickly start A Swiftly Tilting Planet since L’Engle has left me hanging.


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