Sponsoring children who live in poverty

Today was a good day. I worked a few hours for each of my employers, decided I didn’t break one of my toes last night, talked with my mom on video-chat for an hour and a half, and wrote some long-overdue letters to friends in Africa, on top of all that–I slept well last night, had plenty to eat, drank clean water, and stayed warm in our cozy apartment. That’s much more than many people can say for today.

I sponsor a couple girls through Compassion International who are both my age and live near Arusha, Tanzania. Over the years I have been glad to help them financially and pray for them but I often feel like I’ve benefited more than they have from the sponsorships. They’re gorgeous girls inside and out and I’m blessed to have their friendships; they encourage me, inspire me and faithfully pray for me and my family. I have learned an awful lot from them.

If you’re interested in bringing the joy of sponsorship to a child this Christmas please consider choosing a child here.

“It’s the greatest poverty to decide that a child must die so that you may live as you wish.” — Mother Teresa


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