Putting up the tree

I just want to put up a few photos of my visit back home. We decorated our Christmas tree for the season and I’m not sure we’ve ever stretched the process over so many days.

We bought the real tree from Ace Hardware late Friday night, hauled it back in an old horse trailer and left it outside overnight. Saturday morning we brought it indoors and spent a little while getting it straight in the stand. Once all that was done my mom, younger sister and I began on the lights but we quickly ran out of the colored lights we hoped to cover the tree with. Mom thought we were out so would have to go to town for more. I was ready to make the quick trip to the hardware store but the vehicle wouldn’t start since I accidentally left the key in the wrong position the night before. Dad got his battery charger out but it didn’t work, he got a second charger out and that one didn’t work quite right either, I don’t think; while he was working on the vehicle Mom found a couple more strings of colored lights in an out building on the farm so we finished lighting the tree then left for church.


Sunday morning after a brunch of waffles, blueberry syrup and sausage we finally got around to stringing the wooden cranberries and popcorn strands around the tree and hanging the ornaments before I left for Colorado in the afternoon.



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