Writing my testimony

Well, I’m pretty much done writing my testimony now. This project has taken so long! Tonight I recorded me speaking it. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out but it would be better if I had it memorized. Since it’s half an hour long though, I don’t. Hopefully I will soon though. It’s kind of pathetic that I get tongue tied and nervous about speaking in front of a camera when I’m alone in a room and I’m even the one who wrote the story! Seriously, you would think I could be a better speaker. It’s a good start though and I’m happy with it for tonight. Next step, rewriting the whole thing to be half the length so I can tell it at church on Sunday.


2 responses to “Writing my testimony

  1. Be encouraged and try not to stress it too much. The beauty of a testimony is that it’s your story with Jesus; it can’t be debated or critiqued. If you allow yourself to demonstrate the joy you’ve found in His grace, the presentation will take care of itself. Don’t think of it in terms of what the reception should be; God desires to be glorified, and your message will penetrate the hearts that He has prepared. If you present yourself as a willing vessel, His Spirit will direct exactly what needs to be heard.

    I’ll be praying for you this weekend.

    Many of us would love to see your testimony here as well, should you get around to it 🙂

    • Thanks. You’re right, it is my story so there’s really no point in being nervous about it but I’m just not used to talking about it. Ugh, and a lot of it is sad and I hate making people cry . . . they always seem to.

      I was mistaken, I’ll actually be saying it on the 10th, not this next Sunday but thanks for praying when I do need to say it!

      Well, I’ll put it up sometime if I can figure out how to post videos to my blog.

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