Lemons and Snow

Food photography doesn’t exactly mesh with the theme of my blog but I’m going to add some photos anyway. I’ve been so frustrated in the past trying to take beautiful pictures of food. I see such lovely pictures on food blogs and magazines but mine never turn out well . . . until today. They still aren’t as good as they could be but I think they are definitely improving.

The secret ingredient? Snow. Yep, it’s a bright day and the light is reflecting off the snow. I set up a little photo studio in front of our porch door and snapped away.

FYI: It’s difficult to take a bad picture of lemons. They’re fun to work with. Their color, shape, and texture are pleading to have their picture taken. They’re a photogenic kind of fruit. 🙂

I am putting a cookbook together for one of the companies I work at and lemonade is one of the recipes that needed a picture.


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