Authentic Christian Living

I don’t have a lot of time to blog about this because I’m busy making Christmas gifts for my sisters but I just listened to this sermon from the church I go to when in Nebraska (Lincoln Berean) and I absolutely loved it. The whole series we’re on right now, which is Cultivating Authentic Christian Living is very good and I’ve learned a lot. This sermon was especially good for me to hear because I’ve been depressed recently about the person I am in Christ. John reminds us that if we’ve been born again God thinks we are magnificent even as we work through crud in our system and expose the rats in our lives… if you need encouragement I suggest you listen to this sermon on Believe and Love from 1st John 3.

If you enjoy that one I also suggest these:

Dancing in the Light

Me or You?

Torn Between Two Lovers

Whose Child are You?

God is Love


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