Giving my testimony

I did it.

I left writing what I wanted to say in church this morning for last night. Why? I have no idea. I was dead tired and just wanted to sleep but instead I had to figure out how to condense about 15 pages (my mom says I inherited this habit of writing long from my dad) to 5-6 in a coherent manner . . . and I wasn’t thinking too coherently. By 1:30am I just printed what I had and shut my computer off because I was too tired to finesse it any longer

This morning, after four nearly sleepless nights, I took my typed out pages to church and read straight through them (only slightly stuttering once). I felt like a freight train but I must have sounded better than I felt because my pastor said it was eloquent. As far as I know only the lady right beside me cried, so that was nice. Everyone said they really appreciated hearing it.

Maybe in the next few weeks now I’ll get it up here on my blog.


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