6-Month Blog?

I’ve been considering quitting my blog. I began blogging on August 19th, 2011 so I’m thinking of making it a 6-month stint, ending it on February 19th. I just want you all to know this might happen.

Last summer, when I thought about starting a blog, I thought no one would read it. I told a friend this and he said he would read my blog if I read his. So that cinched my decision to have one–knowing I’d have at least one reader made it worth it. Surprisingly I now have over 30 followers, most of you I’ve never even met. I’m so grateful to you all for sharing your thoughts and ideas with me through your blogs, I’ve learned a lot from you and I hope you may have learned something from me as well.

I have a few reasons for thinking about ending the blog but one is I’m running out of ideas to write about. I need more time to let things cook in my head before writing something really worth your time to read. My posts have become more and more dull and I don’t like writing just to keep my blog going. If others are going to read what I write I only like writing when I actually have something to say. I write for the sake of writing in my journal but those random thoughts are rather boring (or not appropriate) for the general public to read.

I’m weighing the pros and cons to this idea. I would really miss my readers if I quit blogging.

Maybe I’ll just leave the blog active and update it on a sporadic basis.


2 responses to “6-Month Blog?

  1. I am one of your followers that you have never met and as I live in the UK I doubt we ever will. I came across your blog randomly one day and found it interesting so decided to follow. Whilst you didn’t know, your blog has been a huge encouragement to me. Sometimes we can write/ say things thinking that they don’t matter but we don’t know that it’s exactly what somebody else needs to hear. I just wanted to encourage you that God can use you even when you don’t realise it. So thank you for the encouragement you’ve been and I do hope you decide to keep writing even on a sporadic basis and one day I guess we’ll meet in heaven, which is weird but kind of a cool thought.

    • Thank you for saying ‘hi’, Hannah! I’m so happy to hear I’ve been an encouragement to you. It does help to know what I’ve written has made some sort of good impact because you’re right, it’s easy to think it doesn’t make a difference. It is a cool thought to know we’ll meet one day. –Laurel

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