My Schooling

“School was mostly something to be endured; I don’t think I learned nearly as much from my formal education as from the books I read instead of doing homework, the daydreams which took me on exciting adventures in which I was intrepid and fearless, and graceful, the stories Mother told me, and the stories I wrote. It was in my solitudes that I had a hand in the making of the present Madeleine.” –Madeleine L’Engle, The Summer of the Great-Grandmother

I like this quote but I also loved school. My sisters and I were home schooled (I don’t think I’ve said that on my blog before) so our schooling was reading all the books we wanted to read, listening to our mom read to us, lots of daydreaming and imaginative play outdoors, writing stories and listening to our dad at the kitchen table after meals.


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