Busy Days

It’s cold here today. I woke up this morning to snow falling but true to its nature the sun came on Boulder for the afternoon. This really is a sunny city.

My last couple posts have been videos. Why? Because I’ve been too busy and too tired to write anything. I’ve been working long hours and sleeping a short few so I’m leaving myself time for little else. Actually, it’s pretty much nothing else except church on the weekend.

I have some exciting news! One, I’m starting my own web design & development business. I’ve always dreamt of having my own business but I was very afraid to start. This happened by practically falling into my lap, which was good because I didn’t have time to over-think the idea and be intimidated. My employer at a media group wanted to switch me from ’employee’ to ‘contractor’. I researched what it would mean for me to be a contractor, agreed to make the switch, and promptly hired someone to do my taxes for me (I’m eager to learn a lot–but not tax work). Now I can let others employ me for website work, set my own hours, set my pay rate, etc.

The second piece of exciting news is that I’m creating a website for one of my first clients! I’m not looking for clients because I’m still learning a lot and certainly don’t call myself an expert but I know enough to help a couple businesses right now. Both of my clients really found me more than I found them. The best part of my situation is that if I have a question I can’t find the answer to using Google I know two web designers who are happy to give me all the advice I need (which has been a lot!). It’s really a pretty sweet deal since I’m learning for free and then implementing what I’ve been taught–as I get paid.

I will post the link to the website I’m creating as soon as it’s finished. I’m expecting to be done with it in a week or two.

With all this studying and web work recently I’ve been living at my computer. I hardly have even taken time to eat. I’ve really got to change my routine up a bit so I can step outside at least once a day. I’m learning that all this computer work makes my hands go to sleep as the rest of me is trying to fall asleep at night–they literally go numb. It’s rather unpleasant.

In other news, I’m picking my sister up at the Denver airport on Friday and then she’ll spend three weeks with me. I’m looking forward to her visit so much! I know she would be bored out of her mind if I kept up my regular routine so I’ve planned ice skating, snow skiing, coffee shop afternoons, stargazing in the mountains, hot tub soaking at night, cooking together, having a sleepover with some other girls, ballroom dancing, a play, and a movie for while she’s here. We’re going to have lots of fun. 🙂


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