A life lesson learned in Boulder

If the coffee shop guys are flitting (and flirting) around your table a little too much just let them know you’re a Christian and they’ll soon peter out. It’s a sad truth.


5 responses to “A life lesson learned in Boulder

  1. The nice thing is a couple stuck around to be friends. Last night my sister and I were told we were two of a total of three Christians this one young man respects. I think it’s because while we don’t believe some things they do are right, we don’t reject and throw judgement on them.

    We love them instead of judging them and with their interaction with Christians in the past this is quite foreign. I think many Christians have no idea how they have shut others out and led searchers away from Christ instead of toward him.

    Why are so many Christians so judgmental anyway? They really are and that’s what so much of the rest of the world sees when they look at Christians. We are all sinners and none of us deserve life over another–I am nothing without God’s grace so who am I to judge anyone?

  2. it is easier to judge than think. If I judge then I dont have to consider the possibility that I am wrong. So, my opinion is that people judge because they are afraid. Fear makes us humans do some silly things.

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