Where is the Chivalry?

I should wear a shirt that says “Don’t touch me; I’m not your doll.” Seriously, where did decency and respect go? So what if a guy doesn’t have the same moral standards I do, doesn’t it still seem offensive to go touch someone else? I think so. It’s like strangers coming up to touch a pregnant lady’s stomach. Why would anyone think that’s okay?

I’m not against all hugs from my guy friends but there are two kinds of hugs. “Giving hugs” and “taking hugs.” I don’t like it when guys hug girls just to take; it’s perverted. Obviously so when the girl’s standing in the middle of a street at night with her arms at her sides–not welcoming or reciprocating the hug.

Guys reading this, do you know what physical touch does to connect to a girl’s heart? Maybe it’s obvious and that’s why it get’s so misused. Please be careful with women’s emotions. Wait to touch her. Wait until you know you love each other. Before then, how special is it anyway? She’s trying to guard her heart, don’t misguide it.


One response to “Where is the Chivalry?

  1. htere is a companion book to “What to Expect When Youre Expecting” its, “What to Expect When youre Wife is Expanding” written my her husband. It is very funny, but it explains a little on the draw to a pregnant woman. I think it has to do with the idea that even though we didnt create it, it was created by a man. We live vicariously through it–its the same phenomenon on why guys look at motors–we dont really understand and couldnt do it–but someone did.

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