The Joy of Children

Afternoon update: I just stepped in from spending 5 1/2 hours with three of my favorite children. I love watching these siblings get along with each other, they’ve been so well trained, which makes babysitting them a pleasure.

I had to refrain from continuously telling the 7 1/2-year-old big brother how sweet I thought he was being with his sisters–he’s a kind little gentlemen.

Little Miss 5-Year-Old is the handful with mischief in her eyes, fragile feelings, and a little independence who loves to dance and looks up to her big brother . . . most of the time. 🙂

Sweetness is wrapped up into a little 4-year-old bundle with a smile on her face, an eagerness to snuggle, a giggle that loves to escape and such a tender, servant’s heart. She actually wanted to help me put away all the clean dishes, which was great because I had no idea where things belonged. (But I had no idea a dear girl could go through so many napkins, two plates and two shirts, as well as spill water on both her siblings by accident all in one meal. It must be harder for youngest children to stay clean.)

Evening update: And now I’m back from watching “Warrior” with a bunch of my friends. The couple who hosted the get-together has the sweetest, sweetest daughter so I had a very nice time with her before her bedtime tonight. Even at just two years old she carries on more engaging conversations with adults than many teenagers do, she’s all into pink and princesses right now and loves to tell everyone “I am a princess and Daddy is my prince!!!” Cute, huh? You don’t even know what she looks like. On top of all that she wants to call her baby sibling ‘Christmas’–the baby is due in April.


I hope to have kids like these someday. Which means, I hope to parent like these kids’ parents do.

Maybe some people thought this about my sisters and I when we were little but I never thought we were as well behaved as the kids I spent the day with today. I could be wrong though, since maybe I’m seeing these kids on their best days and I know of my family’s worst days. Honestly though, my sisters and I used to fight a lot and there were long periods of time we were pretty unkind to each other. It’s sad, I wish it would have been different but at least it is now. Through some of the worst years grown-ups we’d be around would turn to us three and say “do you sisters ever fight?!” Oh man, they had no idea. I guess kids can put on a pretty convincing act in front of company when they want to.

Does anyone want to hear a funny family story? (It’s probably bad I call it “funny.”) Well, here it is. My parents taught a bible study in our home when my sisters and I were pretty little called “Growing Kids God’s Way.” So you would think the kids of the teachers would be obediently in bed and fast asleep, right? Nope. We were in our basement with the bright florescent lights on, in our roller skates, skating up and down the room over the lime green 1970’s smooth carpeting. If I remember right, we were never caught.

Side note, those roller skates were a perfect place to hide our fake but quite real looking toy mouse in. Sadly, we couldn’t keep that mouse for long after we scared our mom half to death with it a few too many times.


One response to “The Joy of Children

  1. Laurel, I laughed so hard at this post! I love the way you described the children as being a “kind little gentlemen” and having a “servant’s heart” – it fits so well. I was thinking about these kids yesterday and even from hundreds of miles away they brighten my day!

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