Beautiful Sisters

I babysat again tonight. I really don’t do this often but am happy to have the chance when someone asks because I love children and would like more experience taking care of them. I wasn’t around little children all that much growing up so I’m really enjoying the kids I’ve been able to know here in Colorado.

Originally I was asked to babysit five kids together (from two families) for the evening, but then three got sick so I only babysat two sisters from one family. I’d never met these little girls before so I was a little apprehensive about the evening, but it went great. If any of you have seen the movie The Holiday and remember the two little girls in the movie they are just like the girls I took care of the past few hours. For our supper prayer and her bedtime prayer the older sister included “thank you Jesus for my beautiful little sister.” They are darlings.

I have certainly been blessed by lovely children this week.

(Oh yeah, I got feedback from the three siblings I babysat for on Wednesday. Apparently, I’m the “best babysitter ever!” Haha, I’m not sure what I did that was too special, but it was very nice to hear.)


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