From Hate to Love

One year ago I was scared of life, proud and silent, lonely, sad, dissatisfied whatever my circumstances, and I pretty much hated who I was. Depressing thoughts were usually my first as I woke up each morning.

Two to three years ago I realized I was scared of many things. I made up my mind to live above these fears and not let them hold me down. I wanted to conquer them if I could. My second biggest fear of all was of living independently. I set out to do it. Now six months later I like it very much.

So today for reasons I can’t even fully explain, but I know are God’s doing, I am almost always happy and content, I think positively of circumstances and people, I want to be kind, forgiving, patient and loving . . . and these traits are actually becoming habits. I am no longer living in fear.

This past year has probably been the favorite of my life because I’ve gone from hate to love.


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