Just for Fun

Our last morning together in Boulder before Lauren flew to Omaha. Singing while we make breakfast, throwing blueberries at each other, and swinging in the park.

My singing is bad. Let’s leave it at that. Plus, it’s the morning so don’t expect much energy.


4 responses to “Just for Fun

    • By the way, I just read your most recent blog post. Was it at all in response to mine about moving back home? If so, you might be interested in knowing I’ve been thinking about that post of mine a lot since putting it up and I changed it quite a bit just before reading your post–which I liked.

      • Totally coincidental, but I see how the subject correlates. It’s funny — in your situation, you move away to realize that your spiritual covering is back with your physical home, whereas I returned “home” to Indiana only to find that my bond is stronger with my brothers and sisters in Missouri. Our hearts truly are led by our greater passions, and it was away from my homeland that I lived in Christ-centered community. What I’m learning though is that my distance does not weaken that connection in the Spirit; each time I visit, it is though I never left. I’m glad that you are also learning that when you are intentionally seeking Jesus, distance isn’t so great an obstacle to weaken the ties with others who know Him in the same way.

        To some degree, I believe that God has privileged me with this awesome blogging community to remain encouraged in my “exile.” Wherever people know Him in that way, I find unity in the Body, however scattered it may feel. Paul had his letters, and while the medium may have changed, we still can find joy in brethern from afar in the same way.

        You should read the book I referenced for yourself; from what I’ve read thus far, it seems right up your alley.

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