Etiquette for Ladies

This was all lost somewhere between a bow and not knowing whether you’re face to face with a man or woman. If only ladies acted like ladies and men like gentlemen and we all treated each other as the people we were created to be. This world might be in a less confused state.


4 responses to “Etiquette for Ladies

  1. Heaven forbid we females dare shake a man’s hand. This made me incredibly thankful I live in this time, there would be no way I could keep up with that kind of etiquette.

    • I’m glad to live in this time too. It would be hard keeping up with all the old fashioned rules, but I do like the idea of some of them.

      As long as we are shaking men’s hands I do think it’s better for us to extend our hand first. It drives me nuts when men put their hand out to shake mine first, that’s just backwards. There may be good exceptions to this I haven’t thought of, but awhile back I thought of this pretty all-encompassing rule for guy and girl’s relationships: “The only thing a girl should initiate is her hand to shake.” –That is not to say I’m good at keeping my own rule.

      • I don’t think I would be good at living to that rule, either! I was raised by my ‘go-getter’ father, who always encouraged me to treat everything very business like, as far as my etiquette. I think I found a good middle ground for myself, since I am by nature a very shy person (more like my mom!).

        I live in San Francisco, so being PC and gender neutral is very emphasized here. I think the middle ground works for me best, here, as far as keeping me comfortable and stepping on anyone’s toes.

        • I am naturally a ‘go-getter’ and I really have to tell myself to back off sometimes. My Dad (and Mom) worked hard to teach my sisters and I to be young women with good, lady-like manners.

          Women weren’t created to be the pursuers in a romance, men were. Women have to let them do the chasing. Besides, it’s so much more romantic for it to happen that way, isn’t it?

          I’m living in Boulder, Colorado so I understand the cultural vibe of the PC–it’s the same here. I try not to step on any toes, but I dislike much about the culture here and I will continue acting like the Christian young lady I was raised to be and have now chosen for myself in the midst of this religious and gender neutrality. When it comes to right and wrong–there is a right and wrong. There’s no relative or ‘neutral’ truth.

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