The man to wait for

One of my favorite aspects of a journal is looking back into it. Granted, sometimes I hate what I wrote and I’d rather never see it again, but other times the words are refreshing to see again. Sometimes reading something I wrote once, but no longer agree with is nice; it gives me the opportunity to see how far I’ve come in my spiritual and emotional growth, it’s an encouragement.

Looking back in my journal this morning I saw these few sentences written a year ago today. I want to share them with you now because it’s a good reminder of the man young women should wait for.

Is it a man with a handsome face, brilliant mind, athletic skills, the sweetest words, or a mounting fortune I can hardly help but fall in love with? No, it’s a man with a tender heart, a kind voice with kind words, a soul brimming with compassion, a contagious smile, a joyful laugh, and a passion to love God more than anyone else. I must be so careful around men like these, lest I let my heart go too quickly.


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