Re-write of previous blog post

The last couple days, after talking to several friends and thinking a lot, I re-wrote much of this post about Why We Care About Each Other. I would be very glad if you read through it and shared your thoughts about it. Does it makes sense thematically, cohesively, and conceptually? Do you agree with my points? If not, which points do you think I am wrong about? Do you think I could or should take any points further for this essay to be more powerful? What suggestions do you have?

I still have these questions looming in my head.

  1. If what I wrote is true it means the godless man who cares for a stranger doesn’t really love the stranger at all.
  2. If what I wrote is true it means Christians can love better in each kind of love. I would think non-Christians would angrily object to this, saying they could love just as well, if not better than Christians. (Not to say that a disagreement would prove this point wrong.)
  3. Some non-Christians seem to honestly care deeply about the well-being of strangers—to love them. Is this possible? How is it explained?

Directions I have thought of taking it deeper:

  • Common grace
  • Social justice
  • The different kinds of love
  • Moral absolutes vs. relativity

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