Spring springs

A couple of my best friends and I were talking over video-chat today. (Isn’t technology great? We live in three different states, but we can still see each other.)

One topic we talked about was how excited we each are about spring. I told them that even though I’ve experienced 19 springs now, each one surprises me. I get used to the dull, dry colors of winter, the leafless trees, the snow-capped mountains, and silent space when all the sudden bushes are yellow, trees are pink, grass is green, birds are singing and the air smells sweet–and this is all more than it’s ever been before, isn’t it? It’s as if I put on glasses which have saturated the world. But no, God has saturated the world with his freshness. What can compare? I think it’s simply delightful. I stepped out the door today and stopped for a moment on the sidewalk… just to take in all the beauty. For earth, it could hardly have been any better. I wished I had someone to walk with in the park, that would have made it better, but it was good as it was.

The Boulder library has purple and pink hyacinths planted everywhere around. I could spend hours just sitting on a bench there soaking up that scent. I’ve never grown hyacinth or owned one, but I go over to smell them almost every time I see them for sale or planted in public.

Maybe this is why it’s called spring. Even though we see it every year it always springs on us and enthralls us all over again.


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