Decorating Easter Eggs

Hi friends!

I feel like it’s been forever since I wrote to you.

I’ve decided on my official move date for returning to Nebraska and between now and then (about a month) I’m trying to fit in as much time to spend with my Colorado friends as possible. It’s making me so tired, but I say it’s worth it.

Today I had my best little buddies over to decorate Easter eggs, drink strawberry smoothies, eat oranges for a mini picnic out on my porch and swing in the park. We had so much fun together!

Here are the pictures from today:

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This evening I went over to my pastor’s house to watch The Passion of the Christ with him and his wife. What a sobering movie. I’m glad to have seen it on the evening of Good Friday. It’s sad what Jesus went through, yes, but what a thing to celebrate! By his stripes we are healed! He died so that we could live . . . but he didn’t just die. He died and rose again.

Can’t stop talking about everything He’s done
It’s the best thing happened since the world begun
It didn’t come cheap but I got it for free
It’s the hope of Glory Christ in me

Can’t Stop Talking by Hillsong Music Australia


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