Guy–Girl Relationship Advice #3

I, and many of others, easily fall in love with ideas and get ourselves into trouble when dreams become reality without letting wisdom have its way. For those of us falling in love with ideas, I think the quote below is good to read.

It’s been running through my head the last few days as “If God changes your heart, be willing to change your mind (about a man).” That’s hard to do isn’t it? When we’ve set our mind on something there’s something in us which wants to hold on. If it gets hard we just stick it out, things will get better, he’ll change, he’ll grow in love for me later . . . right? Why do we hang on so tight? Just because it was a beautiful dream? Maybe we call it being faithful, but should it sometimes be called plain stubbornness? Sometimes I can feel God saying, “move on, I’ve changed your heart” while my mind is still fighting for its own way giving excuse after excuse as to why I should not follow God’s direction.

I hate getting caught between wisdom’s voice and my stubborn mind, but it’s almost more frustrating not knowing the difference and wondering if God’s plans for me are the same as my own dreams.


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