Elie Saab Designs

Perhaps a philosophy and theology themed blog should stay faraway from fashion, but let’s forget the norms of what go together and bring a little variety here for the evening. I like to share beautiful things from paintings, to photography, to music, so tonight it’s gowns.

I have very little style, at least if I do it doesn’t show. I have taste though, and this is what I like: grace, elegance, sparkle, lace, silk, beads and anything else which exudes femininity. To me the Lebanese fashion designer Elie Saab encompasses all of this in the gowns he designs.

A Wikipedia articles says about him,

“Saab is self-trained. He started sewing as a child and knew that one day he would make a living out of it. In 1981 he moved to Paris to study fashion, but ended up returning and opening his workshop in 1982.”

I was thrilled to read he was self-trained. The ambition, determination, and hard work I’m sure it took to train himself and use his talent excellently is admirable and inspiring, to say the least.

I suggest you listen to this and this while you look at these pictures.

(I would like to also mention some of the gowns are too see-through, in my opinion.)


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