Dramatic Skies

Today was a long humid June day with dramatic weather in the evening. By late afternoon the light, airy clouds turned dark in the southeast as rain came down mingling with warm sunshine from the west. I was working in the basement at home, very frustrated at the moment, when my sister called me upstairs to enjoy the rain. Running in rain and sunshine is one of my favorite things to do and it doesn’t happen often, so I ripped my shoes and socks off, ran through the grass and hopped onto the trampoline to enjoy the rare weather. It lasted only a few moments, but it was refreshing and delightful! By six o’clock the sky turned quite dark and through supper I ate watching the lightning bolts brighten the sky. As my family gathered in the living room for a movie before heading to bed I felt the house shake with thunder that sounded as if the sky  ripped from end to end. As the movie began I kept checking the scene through the open window. Around nine o’clock the sun dropped just below the dark clouds, illuminating the skyline in deep red and burnt orange hues. I mentioned it to my family so we could pause the movie and enjoy the sunset together–it was one of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve seen in Nebraska. The sunset was quickly followed by a calm, steady, pleasant sounding rain shower that I listened to as I curled up in my blanket even tighter to finish the movie.

(I have no pictures from the sky today, so I searched through my computer files to find a good Nebraska sunset from another evening. This one I took 2 years ago when we ran outside to see this golden June sunset–at the time of the picture there was a rainbow arching through the sky behind me.)


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