Canvas Word Art

My family, younger sister’s boyfriend and I celebrated my older sister’s 21st birthday today and for the first time ever I forgot to get a gift. Normally I’m all into the gifts and thinking far ahead about what to make or buy. Not this year though. June just flew by and then it was her birthday. I was a little frantic this morning deciding what to give her until I saw a picture on Pinterest for painted canvases with word art.

Here’s the art I made for her.

I really don’t love how it turned out, so I’ll probably make her another one later. That way she can choose the quote and color and I’ll have a chance to get larger letters… which is what I wanted. This was fun though, and I’m glad it was a fast project so I could give it to her tonight.

She’s plays piano beautifully and has her own baby grand, so the music themed art is appropriate for her.


4 responses to “Canvas Word Art

  1. Thank you for this, Laurel! I like the artwork you made, but if you made a friend for my existing artwork, that would be great. Two friends would be best, because three is better than two. Too bad there’s so much hideous wallpaper in our house — it’s hard to find a place to hang the artwork right now…

    • I will Carly, just tell me which quotes you like and what colors you’d like them in. I’ll try to make them this week while Kate’s gone because other than work… I have absolutely nothing to do.

      It’s nice to see a comment from you. I had no idea you actually read what I write here. 🙂

  2. Laurel! I am making last minute gifts for my kids for Easter. I did a google search for canvas word art and right in the middle of my page of images was your beautiful smiling face! I will have to show you pictures of what I have done so far. Not real crazy with how any of them have turned out, but this is my first attempt at making word art. I am stuck on what to do for Ethan . . . Have a blessed Easter!

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