Mommy Blogs & The Master’s Violin

I have a couple friends now who keep up charming mommy-blogs. In case you’re interested, you may read one of them here: Charlie Girl. I’m gaining some good parenting ideas from her blog, and I love seeing the pictures of her baby girl–I think her mother-in-law takes many of the stellar shots. Isn’t that cool?

Another of my friends who is a new  mommy to an adorable little man is keeping up this blog: Growing on the Farm. She’s a talented writer and shares funny stories, so I really enjoy reading her posts.

As I was catching up on one of them this afternoon I came across this quote she included from a book she’s been reading.

“If you are to be an artist,” he said, once more, “you must not be afraid of life. You must welcome it to its utmost cross. You must take the cold, the heat, the poverty, the hunger, the burning way through the desert, the snow-clad steps, the keen hurt, and the happiness–it is all one, for it gives you knowledge. You must know all the pain of the world, face to face, if you are to help those who bear it. Keen feelings give you the great hurt, but also, in payment, the great joy. The balance swings true.”

The Master’s Violin, Myrtle Reed

I like the quote very much. It sums up what I feel like I’m constantly writing about here on this blog.

I also found a book response to The Master’s Violin written by one of my other good friends. To read it yourself, click here. Two of her favorite quotes from the book are–

“I had the technique, and when the hurt broke open mine heart, I was immediately one artist.  I understood, I could play, I could lift up all who suffered, because I had known suffering mineself.  Mine son, do you not understand?  You can give only what you have.  If one sorrow is in your heart, if you have learned the beauty and the nobility of it, you can teach others the same thing.  You can show them how to rise above it, like the tree that had one long lifetime of hurt, and ended in mine Cremona to help all who hear.  Of softness nothing good ever comes, for one must always fight.”

“Little lady, do you not see?  There must always be Winter, there must always be night and storm and cold.  It is then that the flowers rest – they cannot always be in bloom.  But somewhere on the great world the sun is always shining, and, just so sure as you live, it will sometimes shine on you.  The dear God has made it so.  There is so much sun and so much storm, and we must have our share of both.  It is Winter in your heart now, but soon it will be Spring.  You have had one long Summer, and there must be something in between.  We are not different from all else the dear God has made.  It is all in one law”…(she replies crying that the one she loved is dead, never to return…)  “Little lady,” said the Master, very tenderly, “you must never say you are alone.  Because you have had much love, shall you be a child when it is taken away?  Has it meant so little to you that it leaves nothing?  Just as strong and beautiful as it has been, just so much strength and beauty does it leave.”

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