Mesmerizing Art Display in Changi Airport Singapore


One response to “Mesmerizing Art Display in Changi Airport Singapore

  1. Reblogged this on Open Waters to Leny's Thoughts and commented:
    A few months back, a professor of mine named Geeta had told us about her love for airports. During her course on travel writing, she required us to read a book called A Week at the Airport written by Alain DeBotton. For the most part, I didn’t like the book except for a few chapter here and there.

    Upon my first reaction, I thought it was an odd interest because I have never come across a person who liked airports. To be more accurate, I have never heard anybody that I knew tell me so. In reality, it is no odder than the greater majority who like to travel or the people who have a detailed knowledge of dream cars or sports. After a moment of pausing, I can understand why there are a number of people who are intrigued by airports.

    I have also joined their ranks as a convert, an amateur airport fan. From the layout of airports to the architecture and interior designs, even the duty-free stores and restaurants within an airport provide a bit of awe and brain stimulation to an airport dilletante, such as myself.

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