The Reemergence Of Men

by Gary Bauer | 7-23-12

The evil that was on such naked display as the killer opened fire in a crowded Aurora, Colorado, movie theater last week sickens us all. Such events inevitably lead to worries that they are symptoms of larger social and moral decay. That conversation and national debate is worth having, even in the middle of a presidential campaign that is supposed to be about only the economy.

Fortunately, even in the hail of bullets that struck down so many innocent people, there were examples of bravery and stout hearts. I was moved over the weekend by the evidence that at least three of the 12 people killed were men who died in the act of physically protecting the women with them.

In an age that so often disappoints, in a culture that emphasizes living for today and for yourself, in a society so permeated with feminist ideology that many men no longer know whether opening a door for a woman is an insult or an act of endearment, these three men, with only seconds to decide, chose self-sacrifice to the point of death for the women they loved.

I have worried that in our “anything goes” age, we are draining the “reservoir” of Judeo-Christian decency and morality that previous generations had filled. In an Aurora movie theater, Alex Teves, Matthew Robert McQuinn and Jonathan Blunk poured a fresh stream of love into that reservoir with their life’s blood. Their selfless acts provide us hope for the future. God bless them and their families.


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