Energetic Little Girls

Ahhh… I’m finally ready to relax and finish supper now that I have four girls settled into bed. It’s been a long day. I was up at 5:00 this morning to drive to Colorado so I can watch after these sweeties for the next few days. Sadly I forgot about the Central to Mt. Time zone change so I could have slept at home until 6:00, but oh well. This way I was able to leave home watching the sunrise through my rear-view mirror. The drive became nicer yet when a double rainbow appeared in the western sky and I spotted the rocky mountains once again. I’ve missed seeing the mountains since leaving Colorado last May. This afternoon the girls and I played games, enjoyed a mid-afternoon tea time, movie, dress-up play, and running in the rain, all before I gave them their baths, supper, and bedtime story. Now I’m too tired to even get ready for bed myself. Once I do, I plan to turn on my iPod again to finish listening to Anne of Avonlea which I began in the car this morning.

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