Snippet of Supper Conversation

Here’s a snippet of the conversation the girls and I had during supper tonight. The conversation began with a question directed toward me from a 5-year old . . .

“What’s your favorite princess story between Beauty and the Beast and Cinderella?”

“Beauty and the Beast for sure. I like how the girl falls in love with the prince even though he isn’t handsome. Having a good heart is what’s important, right?”

“Right . . . and he should fight!”

“Yes, but fight for what?”

“I don’t know. Freedom!?”

“Yes, freedom is a good thing to fight for. What about women? Should he fight to protect women?”

“Yes! Just like the princes in stories do.”

“Do you know what it’s most important to fight for?”

Girls shake their heads.

“Truth. Fighting for what the bible says to be true is what is called ‘Fighting for the truth.'”

I look around at a table full of serious, thoughtful girls until a moment later when I hear–

“Girls should fight too!”

I’m so proud of these four. They know to care for a man’s heart rather than his looks, and they are brave enough to do the difficult thing if it’s right instead of lying around as the ‘damsels in distress’ waiting for the man to be all the strength. Their parents are doing very well at raising these young ladies of strength and dignity.


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