I have yet to publish a story, but much of this post by Cristian Mihai sounds like my life of writing so far. I enjoyed writing when I was young, found out how hard it was so I quit and a few years later one young man prompted me to begin this blog. I was happy to have one reader who enjoyed my writing so I began again . . . and haven’ t stopped. Maybe he doesn’t read any longer, but others do and they give me encouragement to continue.

Cristian Mihai

Ever since I wrote my first story eight years ago, I’ve made a lot of mistakes. I self-published a novel when I wasn’t ready. Hell, even the damn thing wasn’t ready. At times I considered writing to be easy. It’s not. No matter how good you get at it, it’s never easy. I even considered myself to be a good writer, hiding inside a cocoon of shallow praise that sheltered me from the outside world. But there’s one mistake. The biggest of them all.

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