I’m Thankful for Joyful Rainy Days

I’m thankful for weather which matches my schedule and my mood. I’m also thankful my friends and I still enjoy the rain. We feel the rain, instead of walking through it simply getting wet.

Some people say a day without laughter is a wasted day. I disagree, because of course a day can be useful without laughter, but I’ll admit it would make a perfect fantasy world to laugh each day. I do wish most of my days had laughter sprinkled throughout, for I dearly love to laugh; but truthfully, many are too serious. A few however, have enough laughter the day nearly bursts at its’ seems to hold all the giggles. If laughter in these days could count for several days’ worth . . . today might count for a full week. My sister and I had such fun with a girlfriend the entire day. None of us had plans ahead of time for the day, besides meeting for coffee and waffles at a restaurant and we had no urgent responsibilities we had to attend to, so the day felt like a mini vacation. Some people would say we were childish, but that’s what I enjoyed about our time. We were being lighthearted and fun even though our lives are becoming fuller and more stressful. We walked in the rain, put flowers in each other’s hair, watched a movie in the middle of the afternoon, painted our nails (which I haven’t done for years!), took cute and silly pictures together, and snacked on crackers with cream cheese. How much fun is that? I’m thankful for time spent with girlfriends.

We feel rain, we feel joy, and we feel love. I’m thankful we can feel.


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