How MBTI Results are Determined

I’ve been fascinated by studying MBTI results, but haven’t understood why they are what they are. So here’s what I’ve come to understand with some very basic studying on the topic. I could go into deeper explanation on each point, but I want this to be short and easily referable-to.

1. Extrovert (Vivacious Outer World) / Introvert (Quiet Inner World) — This preference shows which world we mainly live in. One is dominant, the other secondary.

2. Sensing (Using our 5 senses) / Intuition (Using our “6th” sense) – This preference shows how we mainly gather the information we base our decisions on and which preference we find most trustworthy. This is how we perceive the world around us.

3. Thinking (Reasoning & Logic) / Feeling (Emotions) –This preference shows what we mainly base our decisions on. This is how we judge the world around us.

4. Judging (Ordered & Resolute) / Perceiving (Versatile & Adaptable) – This preference shows our attitude toward the outside world day to day. This is how others see us. Are we more perceiving (#2) or judging (#3) in our external world? This determination goes with the extroverted part of our personality by showing whether we are extroverted when we make decisions or gather information for our decisions.

Whichever preference between #2 and #3 which #4 did not determine, is the preference which goes with our introverted side–whether we’re dominantly introverted or not.

The chosen preference from each number above is put in order for the 4-letter acronym. Remember, in the case of the “Intuition” preference, the word is abbreviated with an “N” to differentiate it from “Introvert.”


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