Coming Back

Maybe it’s time to begin blogging again. So here I am, it’s nice to talk to you again.


After a very foggy morning, I took a long walk around my town today with a good friend. We talked, laughed, took pictures and enjoyed the sunny weather. Every now and then we took a quick, expectant look up at the sky wondering when the impending storm would blow in. The forecast informed us we enjoyed the sun through a blizzard warning. By evening it began to rain, but so far we have no snow. Crazy weather? Maybe, but not so crazy for Nebraska… maybe crazy weathermen?


It surprises, and delights me, to discover new beauty in familiar places as I walk around the town I grew up by. I live a few miles into the country, so I didn’t grow up in town, but when I came to town, I barely looked around. I assumed I knew this place, because I came so often and it was “nothing new.” Now when I spend time in town, I actually care so I take the time to look, and know this place I’ve called home all my life.


Much has happened in the last couple years for me. Life has happened, and I have grown. Much of that growth has shown on this blog, but the past several months I’ve been silent on here. A large reason is because I’ve been busy with work, seeing friends, dancing on the weekends, etc., but I’ve also quit writing because I ran out of anything noteworthy to say. Maybe I still have nothing too noteworthy, but I want to begin sharing thoughts again. Maybe just like going to town, I’ll find “nothing new” to say, but somehow, if I care to learn, maybe a new truth, or a new understanding of a known truth, will be revealed through familiar life.


Two years ago I felt somewhat like a blind mouse, and that blindness was killing me. Now I still feel like a blind mouse, but I’m learning to live with this blindness by faith. The eyes are blind, so one must look with the heart (as it says in The Little Prince). This faith is that Jesus is enough, he knows me, loves me, knows what I need, he will provide, and he will not leave me. Without this I could not live, I would only survive… for a little while.


I want to continue this blog about the living part of life.


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