Of Painting Trains

I had a spontaneous little outing this evening to snap a few pictures, see a friend for a few minutes, and be outdoors just before the sun set.

My friend called, while he was out for his nightly run, to let me know a green train was parked on the tracks. He thought I might like to photograph it. He was right, I did, but what I wanted even more was to photograph a blue train. So as soon as I arrived back home with the pictures I stuck the SanDisk into my laptop and painted the train.

The sky was plain and bright behind the train (which is rather unsatisfactory for pictures) so I could clone in a different sky . . . but then I’d really start feeling more like a digital artist than a photographer.

I normally do as little editing to my pictures as possible, but instead apply just enough to enhance what’s already there while keeping it as natural looking as I can. Tonight, though, it was fun to play around with the picture and see what more I could create from it.Green Train

Update: 4.20.13

I did add a sky behind the train.

Blue Train


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