My Audience

It’s far easier to write blog posts when only strangers, or strangers along with friends who I don’t see often are reading it. When my family and close friends are reading it, who I see often, it’s sometimes difficult and strange to write and publish my thoughts. I don’t know . . . it’s hard to explain, but I think a lot of bloggers feel this way. Do you?

I use writing as a way to process, explore, create, and express what I wouldn’t normally say just by speaking or listening within regular, everyday conversation.

You know how when some people are frustrated and they just want to bang their head against something hard, or rip something apart with their hands? Sometimes my writing is that banging and ripping, and while it’s good to share what I write, and I want to, it feels a little too exposing for those closest to me to read it.

I’m trying to get over these feelings, and be more open and transparent with people who are in my life a lot.

So there you go people I know who read my blog, you can read away and get to know me better, because I let that happen better here than on a normal day around the house or at work.


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