Crying with Jesus

Do you have friends you’ve never met? I do. I “meet” them online. I have the privilege of peaking into their beautiful and wise hearts through blogs and Tumblrs. It may sound strange to say so, but there are profound blessings coming through modern technology. Miss Elaini is one of those blessings in my life and I’m thankful to “know” her and be encouraged by her life and through her words.

For the past two years she’s been raising money through her fashion blog to help orphans in India. Her goal is to raise $80,000, so far she’s at $73,817.14. Amazing, isn’t it? I think we sometimes want to help those in pain and distress, those who are hurting and hopeless, but we feel incapable. We’re too small, too quiet, too sick, too busy . . . we could think of a million excuses. When our hearts are truly in love with what Jesus loves though they’ll break for what breaks his so we will throw the excuses aside and take a step forward. Maybe it’s a small step, but it’s a beginning, and it will make a difference. That’s what Elaini did, and through her diligence, love, prayer, and faith God has used her to make a big difference in the lives of precious orphan children.

This morning I read these words on her blog and they are exactly some of the thoughts skipping through my head the last couple weeks. A few mornings ago I awoke in the middle of a dream . . . oppression had made me cry in my dream, and I was listening to Jesus tell me how to have a merciful heart. It was powerful at the time, but I didn’t write it down and I don’t remember what the words were now. Anyway, these words of Elaini’s sound very much like my life right now and reminded me of my dream.

“Jesus whispered to me that I needed to let him break my heart for what breaks his.  Now don’t get me wrong.  My heart breaks for my kiddos.  But I’ve been avoiding hearing about other needs.  Because I get overwhelmed.  And I’ve felt that if I fully let my heart break for all the needs and pain around me it will be too much.  And he just whispered to me and said…just be willing to cry for the brokenness.  To come along side when you can and to pray when it hurts too much.  So that’s what I’m going to try to do.  Not to cry alone but to cry with Jesus.  Because I love him so.  And he loves the hurting and the broken and so I do too.  And let’s be honest, I’m broken and I hurt as well at times.  Isn’t this loving the fruit that comes from doing unto others as you would have them do to you?  Caring.  Loving.  Life.”

You can read the rest of her post here.

P. S. It’s just about Elaini’s birthday! She wrote this about her special day: “Soooo my birthday is next month…and not to hint or anything ;) but what I really want for this big birthday is to reach the $75K goal.  That would just tickle me pink. :)   Will you help me get there by the 5th of June?  Would you consider donating today?  It’s as easy as clicking that Give Now button!” Maybe we could each give $25 for her 25th birthday!

(Now I really am off to get ready for a baby shower . . . while we have no electricity in the house.)


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