So Long, Farewell.


I am off on a trip. The heaviest luggage packed? My thoughts. Those silly things make it the hardest to leave sometimes! This is a time to roadtrip with my family though… a time for laughter, music, pictures, beautiful sights, and lovely friends to see along the way. So while my thoughts of late have been worthwhile, I want to mainly set them aside and let myself just relax and be in this summery, sunshiny moment.

A few truths friends (counting books) have reminded me of lately:

  1. Fear is the opposite of faith in Christ. To have trusting faith in Christ is to be liberated of the fear Satan held us captive in.
  2. God is a promise maker AND a promise keeper. (Remember the rainbow after the storm?)
  3. God is in the business of bringing us to him. He desires us to be in a relationship with him and so he pursues our hearts. Love is waiting for its acceptance.
  4. We can know peace as we rest knowing God is in control, he cares about us, and he’s aware of who we are and what we need. (Rom. 8:32)
  5. We will know God’s guidance for us when we humbly ask, patiently wait, and quietly listen for it. (Prov. 3:5-7)
  6. A faithful friend is a strong defense. (This one’s from a fortune cookie, but who cares, I still count it as a good truth!)

Here’s something I found on Pinterest just to make you smile.


I will return in a few days.


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