In Anticipation Of The Future

Isn’t my sister talented?

Hues of Gold

I have entirely ignored my blog for the past almost four months. How sad. The reason I began this blog was mainly to inspire me to draw more and paint more and then have a place to show my work. Unfortunately I’ve done very little of either so far this year. Today, however, was different. I woke up this morning, got up and then got right back in bed. Yep, lazy. And that’s how most of my day has been (it’s almost a good thing that I felt crummy this afternoon so that I have something to blame my unproductive day on). So once I was really up for the day I started this picture of a baby. I began it thinking it would just be a rough sketch but as I got into it I decided to actually make it look good.

As I mentioned in an earlier post…

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