Dande Minimalist Wood Wallet

This Kickstarter project has only 2 more days to run and they need $20,000 pledged by Tuesday Aug 20, 8:00pm EDT to get their idea off the ground. Check it out, this wallet is a very nice piece of functional art! Wouldn’t it make a great Christmas gift for your special someone this year?

(And I happen to know the business owners are very nice… Dan’s daughter Elaini actually has her own blog here.)


Check out Dan’s past wood projects here. They’re BEAUTIFUL!

20100518_RG_06281 20100518_RG_06293 DSC_0301


2 responses to “Dande Minimalist Wood Wallet

    • You’re so welcome Elaini! I was glad to help and excited to see you and your dad made the goal!

      I loved seeing your dad’s website, he really does stunning work. I’d love to create furniture like he does. I’ve always enjoyed woodworking, but have done so little of it. Maybe I’ll work at it more in the future… it’s a dream. 🙂 Do you do much of it with your dad?

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