Just a Hello

Just me, 9-17

I have little to share tonight, except to say I’m very tired after working nearly 29 hours already this week, and waking up too early. Also, I still catch myself thinking it’s August, then realize we’re nearing October. I think the time bird learned to fly a little faster this summer.

This is stunning, if you’re interested in caves.

I stumbled across these sweet things a few days ago. Wouldn’t it be lovely to sip hot chocolate out of one? They do look a little hard to handle though.

Speaking of hot chocolate, I had such a nice conversation with a good friend this past weekend. We met at Panera Bread and as we talked I enjoyed a warm bowl of soup in a bread bowl with delicious hot chocolate. To make it even better, we sat by the window… and then it began to drizzle! BEST COMBINATION: Friends, good food, rainy day.

Here’s a post I came across about a fascinating coffee shop in Africa. I’m guessing you’ve never seen a coffee shop with an interior design quite like this one before.

Still no baby to hold. The due date is this Saturday. I’m curious if this baby will be born in the summer or autumn, since Sunday is the first day of autumn. My younger sister was joking that my older sister could go into labor in the summer, and deliver in the autumn. That would be funny to joke about in the future!

I’m thinking and praying for the people in and around Boulder. I’ve seen a lot of pictures of the devastation, and it breaks my heart. It’s especially strange to consider how it was two years I was making my home in Boulder, and I had a picnic in Boulder Canyon with my friend. There aren’t many picnics happening there now…


Boulder floodThis picture of the rain over Colorado captured my attention this morning. Doesn’t it look like a waterfall from the sky? I guess it is.

Rain on boulderYou know those moments when you realize you care about someone you know much more than you’d realized you cared? This evening one of my co-workers, who’s diabetic, had a hypoglycemia episode. It choked me up, and I prayed for her from across the office building. I didn’t go down to see her in her office, because I knew there were a lot of people caring for her already. I wonder, why does it so often take a sad event to wake people up? She is doing alright now.

Goodnight, dear void.

P. S. This is ridiculous, but kind of neat.

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