Of Nightmares, the Heart of Fall, and Other Interests

It’s been so long since my last hello. So here’s a little “hello” for today and a few pictures I took this fall. I hope you’re all having a lovely fall, but if it’s been cold and sad, my hope is you find comfort in Jesus and let him fashion you into someone greater through your pain. He wants to draw you nearer to him. In him you will see beauty even in the sadness. I do know how it feels to see the autumn leaves fall from the trees and feel like the beauty is falling from your heart, leaving you cold and exposed to the long winter ahead. Take heart, he is with you still.


This morning I woke up from a nightmare. I don’t have terrible dreams often, but this one was bad. What scares me the most? It’s the unreal… the things of fantasy. Why? Maybe because it can’t be explained. There’s no logical way out. But then again, I recently decided science-fiction fantasy is my favorite type of movie, and I’ve always loved reading fairy tales. I can’t yet explain how I can love, and also be scared of, the same thing. Anne’s advice to her imaginative daughter Nan in Anne of Ingleside is that “you must learn to keep on this side of the borderline between the real and the unreal. Then  the power to escape at will into a beautiful world of your own will help you amazingly through the hard places of life.” Anne’s right, there’s a good and bad side to imagination. At any rate, I had a frightful awaking this morning, and it was only the first of two frightful happenings today.

1012-3Just a minute or two before pulling into our church parking lot we stopped hard for a line of traffic at a stop light. Just behind us a car was quickly approaching and as my mom watched them through her side-view mirror she firmly, but calmly stated, “We’re going to be hit…” Her wind was somewhat knocked out as she spoke the word “hit”, we all lurched forward and then slammed back into our seats. It was a scary situation, but thankfully, to our knowledge, no one in either vehicle is badly injured. I feel sorry for the driver behind us. He’s my younger sister’s age and had four guy-friends with him. He drove a car owned by one of his friends’ parents, which is now a pretty bad wreck. They seemed like real nice guys.

1012-2So that’s been the excitement for today, and it’s enough for me.

1012-4Here are a few things that have piqued my interest from around the internet lately.

  • About Marriage: Have you read the article on marriage quickly circulating around called “Marriage Isn’t for You” by Seth Smith? I gave it little thought until today when I saw this post by Sarah Leyva. Which do you agree with?
  • Lovely fall quote: “It was November – the month of crimson sunsets, parting birds, deep, sad hymns of the sea, passionate wind-songs in the pines.” –L. M. Montgomery. This makes me want to curl up in a cozy little cabin up in Canada with good friends, good books, hot drinks, and fuzzy blankets. Oh yes, and a dog… that’s also fuzzy. 😉
  • Powerful photos. Want to cry? Browse through this photo story. It’s hard to find words to adequately describe this, so I won’t try this time.
  • Some good thoughts about dating: “Nothing great in life ever resulted from being passive. Good and mediocre maybe, but never great. Whether it be business or romantic relationships, great results have always began with an intention, and subsequently the investment of energy and effort required to actualize that desire into reality.” Read the whole article here, I agree with the majority of it.
  • Enjoy football? Maybe you’ve seen this already, but if you’re like me you’ll watch it again. It’s Nebraska’s win against Northwestern with a 49-yard Hail Mary touchdown pass. And for kicks, here and here are a couple more momentous football moments.
  • And finally…. John Mayer is on tour! I just found out a couple weeks ago, and would love to go, but the tickets are expensive so I’m attempting to win free tickets and a meet-and-greet pass for his Wichita concert. Will you help me? Many hands make light work, right? If you’d like to help out, please click this link, log into Tunespeak in the upper right corner, (super easy and fast!), and watch the entire Who You Love video. Then, if you have more time or interest to help, you could watch some of his other videos, or listen to music, or click through photos. It’ll all collect points for those free tickets! Thank you for everyone who helps, I’m very excited about the possibility of meeting him and hearing him in concert! He’s definitely one of my favorite artists.

It was great to write to you all again! I’ve missed interacting with my readers, but with working many 50+ hour weeks lately I don’t have a lot of time leftover for blogging. Hopefully the New Year will bring some calm. 🙂

…almost forgot. My darling little nephew is doing great! He grows up more each day and grows closer to my heart every moment, especially the moments I get to hold him and see his joyful, dimple-adorned smiles. I love him dearly.



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