And we wonder why.

Is this desire to know innate? Or is this feeling we must know why events in life happen reserved for the overly curious? As small children we continually wonder, and may ask, “why” when someone older instructs us to do something we don’t see the purpose in. Sometimes we’re given the reason, other times it’s something like “because I said so”, which hardly contents little minds. I’ve found the desire to know remains as I grow up, and it does for many others as well. We think that if we knew the answers life would be easier to live and easier to accept. But would it? Maybe we wouldn’t agree the action was necessary for the outcome. Maybe we’d say the heart-wrenching event in our life or someone else’s wasn’t worth the outcome. Trust. This is where trust in Jesus, our Heavely Father comes in. I’ve learned faith in Jesus as my Savior makes it okay to let the questions remain unanswered… Or answered less than what would otherwise feel satisfactory. If everything were answered, what would faith be? If we knew all answers wouldn’t we be God? He knows everything… he knows you and he knows me, intimately and wholly. He knows our thoughts before we think them, he knows the desires of our heart, and he knows our pain. God, I still find myself asking, why did you take a bright and vibrant 26-month-old girl, in a matter of moments, from her home and family on earth, to be in heaven with you? Why, if she was meant to die young, couldn’t she have lived long enough for her baby brother to have remembered her? Why, why, why?! …And I wonder as a friend. How could her mommy and daddy cope? How could they lay their darling daughter in a casket and bury her in the wintry cold ground when only a couple nights ago they laid her gently in her warm bed? My mind races with questions, questions possibly forever unanswered. And then I remember, yes, with you it’s possible, and knowing you, the answers are unnecessary. We know your plan is good, and right. We know you loved this little girl and you continue to love her family. Please, help us accept, and continue to live, and learn, and grow. Help us depend on you in everything; please help us remember that without you we have no strength to take breath.

I lay my “whys”
before Your Cross
in worship kneeling,
my mind too numb
for thought,
my heart beyond
all feeling.
And worshiping,
realize that I
in knowing You
don’t need a “why.”

— Ruth Bell Graham

Lucy2For you, little Lucy Garland


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