Our Hands

“Our hands define easier than we could ever define ourselves. Everything you need to know about someone is held right in the palm of their hands. At what times do they crack their knuckles, clench their fist, bend their fingers, anything they hold, tell us a little bit about who they are. Next time you see someone you would like to know, watch their hands. Just imagine it. The was he’s lightly tapping his spoon against the empty coffee mug patiently waiting for more coffee, or the way she rubs the petals of the flowers instead of smelling them, or how he rubs his lower lip just before speaking, or the way she presses the cookie cutter into the dough, or how he grabs the face of his dog so lovingly, just think how his hands would grasp your cheeks just before kissing you.Your hands define you, use them lightly.”
–A Voyage Forever



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