A Note to You

Today I miss you, more than other days. I wait eagerly to meet you face to face. Maybe I miss you today because I see such beauty and I want to share it with you. I see the warm sun rise over the sparkling field of snow and I feel as if I’m stuck in a poem. Someone ought to use glittering words to describe this scene, but as I head off to work, I have little time for poetry. I wonder though, did you watch this same sun rise miles and miles away? Do you think of me on days like this?

Know that I am happy in my waiting, and I pray for you. I love you, man of my future. Someday you will come to this home with its pretty lines of garland, tiny red bells, and twinkling lights for Christmas… because someday you will be a part of this family, and I a part of yours.



4 responses to “A Note to You

    • I like open mic poetry, though I’ve never done it myself. That’s neat you’ve tried it out. Do you speak your poetry in front of others like that very often? I have a hard enough time posting it here on my blog. Yes, it is hard missing someone, even when it’s someone you’ve never met.

  1. My first blog has a lot of poetry that I’ve written myself. It was great because I received a lot of good feedback on my work, but now I’m more geared towards my fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog because it lines up career wise. You could always do an anonymous blog (just a suggestion) if you wanted to post poetry, but are reluctant. But yeah it was the first time I did open mic poetry. It was a big step, esp. confidence. However, having people listen and appreciate your writing from the heart was very meaningful.

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